The Preservation
of Human Creativity

  • The Monte Matteo Visual Arts Archive is a private archive that preserves works of art, in digital format. It is housed at a mountain-integrated databank facility 400 meters above sea level in South America's Asunción Rift Valley.

    We focus on the identification and digitization of works of art that have not yet been widely recognized in their proper historical or cultural context.


    The digital archive includes a wide range of art of various styles from the 1400's to the present.


    Each artwork protected at the archive illuminates the human experience and will provide useful insight for scholars of the future.


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    Collection: Early Modern
    Years: 1453 - 1800

    Three and a half centuries of various styles of visual art in Western civilization. The collection focuses on art that gives historical insights into the time in which the artist lived.

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    Modern & Contemporary Art
    Years: 1860 - 1970  |  1970 - Present

    Noteworthy works of art that demonstrate unique perspectives and have cultural or historic dimensions. This collection includes both Western Art and Eastern Art.

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    Collection: Historical Maps
    Years: 1450 - 1880

    Maps of the Earth in the year 1600 were very different from the maps of 1700 or 1800. Human understanding of the earth was, and remains, an evolving process. This collection demonstrates that evolution through the art of mapmaking (cartography), with a focus on the era of exploration in the Atlantic Ocean.

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    Collection: Paraguay
    Years: 1700 - 1970

    Historically relevant art that follows the long transition of a former Spanish colony to the current Republic of Paraguay.

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    Collection: Religious Art
    Years: 1400 - 1800

    Christian and Jewish Art adds a necessary context to understanding our arrival in the modern world. The collection comprises mostly symbolic art that illustrates concepts of spirituality, morality, and the relationship of man with God.

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    Collection: Graf Zeppelin
    Years: 1928 - 1937

    Many believed that the first flight of the Graf Zeppelin in 1928 was the beginning of a new era of transportation. However, this remarkable human achievement, and similar passenger airships, would disappear in less than a decade. This collection of very rare images chronicles the short life of the Graf Zeppelin.

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    Collection: Indigenous peoples of South America
    Years: 1870 - 1970

    With the arrival of Europeans in South America, the history of indigenous peoples has slowly disappeared. Through visual art such as illustrations and photographs, this collection focuses on documenting the lives and experiences of indigenous peoples who lived in what are now Argentina, Chile, and Paraguay.

  • The Visual Arts Archive, Monte Matteo